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September 2009

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Noticed that we have reached the point in the year when it is dark when Jessie goes to bed at 7:30 and still dark when she gets up at 7. Here comes mørktiden.
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Nordic Digital Culture Network | A Nordplus network linking leading digital culture programs with th
We’ve been working for the past year to develop the Nordic Digital Culture Network, a collaboration between Digital Culture at the University, Blekinge Technical Institute, ITU Copenhagen, and the University of Jyvaskyla. The network will support student and faculty exchanges between the institutions, joint courses, curriculum development workshops, and other activities. I should also mention that we welcome exchange students and M.A. applicants from other institutions as well.
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my poor baby girl has been sick like crazy, and then today she took a tumble down the stairs. Nothing broken, but she looks sort of like the boxer in Raging Bull, and she’s teething and has a sore throat. But she loved the broccoli in the gorgonzola sauce.
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Any of you parents out there got a suggestion for a lightweight double stroller?
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monsoon season in Bergen.
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Hey happy birthday yesterday!
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Happy birthday to my lovely wife.
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Hey happy birthday, Uncle Larry. You’re like 12 in dog years. Enjoy the cake.
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ocalization sucks. Localization is just free market capitalism getting its hooks into your back and telling you where you live and to stay there and do as you’re told.
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Protect Insurance Companies PSA from FOD Team, Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Thomas Lennon,

Scott shared Michael Zimmer’s event.

Internet Research 10.0 – Internet: Critical
October 7, 2009 at 8:00am
Hilton Milwaukee City Center

You went
Scott wrote on Localizing social software: Impacts on languages and cultures’s timeline.
I am all over this event. I will introduce the speaker and ask questions, probing questions.
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Here’s that program — I think I’ll hear about some things that will be useful for my students, though I’m not completely jazzed, to be honest.
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will be at AOIR in Milwaukee. Any suggestions on can’t-miss sessions?
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Home again with a sick baby girl. Day care is a germ factory.
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detests inexplicable database errors.
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Give Kyler Matthew a birthday hug four times for me, Jill, Aurora and Jessica. You’re a great mom.
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Big love to Kyler on his big day. His birthday crown is in the mail, and I’ll bring him something in person in a couple weeks.
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back in Bergen with my girls.
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in Copehagen until Saturday.
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supports the free distribution of fresh tasty fruit and vegetables to American schoolchildren every day in the classrooms before school starts. I think that should be part of the social contract. An apple or something, maybe a carrot or some seedless grapes. Perhaps a seasonal squash such as a zucchini lightly sauteed in garlic or pumpkin with a bit of butter and cinnamon. For every kid. Every day
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a decade ago I was probably at Jean’s, thinking about the 20th Century.
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thinks Norway be safe for least 4 more years.
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wishes Norway good luck with the election.
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Thousands of angry white idiots descended on Washington today to protest big government’s ignorance of angry white idiot issues.
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John, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Have you ever thought about you know, sort of speeding up your poems? I appreciate them, but I haven’t got all day. I’ve tried to read them in the hot tub, but I haven’t got a hot tub.

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please don’t be offended if I don’t accept the smile or heart you have sent me with a facebook application. I smile back at you and you are in my heart, I assure you. I also accept the drink and the song, and sing and drink with you, and welcome your animals onto my farm, and help you to whack whomever needs to be put down, quietly, in my own way. I’m just always reluctant to welcome a new application into my life.
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it occurred to me today that this is the first September 11th since 2001 that I didn’t feel like America was headed toward a darker place than the one it left the year before.
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thought Joe Wilson was way out of line, but did you get a look at John Boehner of Ohio? You can smell the evil fumes coming off that guy from a thousand miles away. Who’s his next opponent? I’d send her twenty bucks in a heartbeat.
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loves the way that food can calm a raging sea of pregnant woman.
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hopes all my right-wing facebook friends are going to watch the President’s speech tonight. I think that commie is going to suggest that poor people get health care without becoming indebted for the rest of their lives. Why I never. He’ll change America forever, the American way gone completely curve. What’s next? Rich people driving their own BMWs to work while their chauffeurs golf?
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looks like the next one is going to be a boy!
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Happy Birthday, Mom! Love from Norway. We’ll call you later today.
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Jessie’s cold is going on a week now. She’ll have forgotten barnehage by the time we send her back (hopefully tomorrow).
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once more into the deluge.
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has officially completed all of the IKEA assembly missions involved in putting together our new home.
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the chook swims with the fishes.
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arranging fall travel — turns out I’m going to be on the road quite a bit for a lot of short trips for work: Copenhagen, Chicago, Milwaukee, Oslo, Dundee, Jyvaskyla, Boulder.
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deeply troubled by the disappearance of the soup ladle.
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will make restorative soup for the afflicted children, one of whom is watching Lord of the Rings on her laptop.
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guess I’m staying home with the sick girls so Jill can go talk about social networks at some seminar for accountants.
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George Bush on September 11th
I was thinking that Obama addressing the schoolchildren might be a good thing but then I remembered what happened when Bush tried . . .
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No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. Obviously.
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home with my favorite little snot fountain who, though clearly afflicted some relatively mild version of the common cold, is indicating that an expedition is in order, by bringing me her shoes.
Scott wrote on Adam Rettberg’s timeline.
Congrats, Adam. I assume everyone is talking about the birth of your daughter and not the new TV. You wouldn’t name a TV Evelyn. Get some pictures up, fast. Enjoy fatherhood, the best thing that could ever happen to you.
Scott wrote on Julie Rettberg’s timeline.
Happy Anniversary to you and Uncle Bill!
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Aurora is wearing legwarmers and a skinny tie to junior high today. The 80s must be back. I’m trying to decide whether today is good one to try out my rain-proof trousers.
Scott wrote on William Gillespie’s timeline.
Have a happy birthday, man.
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the setup with the wireless keyboard and the computer on the TV screen works great, but in our new place I am far away enough from the screen that the frequency of typo has increased considerably to embarrassing effects.

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