Implementation Bergen

As we prepare to publish a photo book of Implementation we have been gathering and tagging new photographs submitted by people around the world at a dedicated Flickr site. We have gotten in hundreds of new photos and the process of using flickr to organize the material has been very interesting. I’ll write more about that process later, but for now I wanted to share this. Along with some others I have been putting Implementation stickers up in Bergen. As I photograph the stickers that people have put up, I have been recording the location information and adding that to flickr. Above is a Google maps/flickr mashup created with iMapFlickr. With this map, you can explore Bergen and explore Implementation. Have fun.

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  1. Interessant! Først så trodde jeg det var gatekunst, så jeg blogget det her:

    Og det kan vel sies å være gatekunst også på en måte, selv om det fikk en helt ny dimensjon når jeg leste om prosjektet her.


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