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May 2010
MAY 30
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overdosed on pizza and watching hockey. Go Hawks! This game is posting baseball scores. 5-5 and there’s still a period left.
MAY 29
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got some work done today at the Harold Washington Memorial Library in downtown Chicago — one of the great public libraries in the US, with free wifi, elegant surroundings, and a nearly complete collection of the published works of Robert Coover.
MAY 28
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The local Borders only sells Robert Coover’s latest novel, and the local library only stocks one novel by the author — both of which I already have. What a shocking state of affairs.
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back in Chicago, though spending the morning virtually in Edinburgh.
MAY 27
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on the road until mid-July. Chicago, Providence, Vienna, Barcelona, London. And then I’m done with airports.
MAY 25
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BBC News – Hubble spots a planet-eating star
MAY 24
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3 days before we leave for Chicago — I’m not even going to mention how much work I have to get done before we depart, or for that matter how much I need to do once we’re there before the ELO conference.
MAY 23
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readying the first grill meal of the season:
beer-basted BBQ ribs, brats, grilled vegetables and grill-fried potato salad, followed by fresh rhubarb pie.
MAY 22
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visited the burial mound of Hakon the Good, wandered the coastal heath, and had a look at the Mongstad refinery.
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Happy Birthday, Aunt Kathy. Have a great one.
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Rand Paul: Obama slamming BP is ‘un-American’ – Green House – USATODAY.com
I love the fact that when you really boil it down, what the tea partiers really object to is the fact that some regulations are hundreds of pages long. Rand Paul probaby isn’t so much a racist or an anti-environmentalist so much as he is simply an ignorant man who thinks that anything that takes longer than two minutes to read constitutes a government conspiracy against his personal freedom.
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Unedited video: Daley on gun ban effectiveness — chicagotribune.com
If Mayor Daley puts this gun up your butt you’ll realize how effective it is.
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Had fun contributing to a little panorama art film “Det siste utbruddet” Rod Coover premiered tonight at the Cinematek. I wrote the text, which was then boiled down and translated four times into Norwegian, which was the basis for the soundtrack of the film. The result is pretty cool. We’re planning a Norwegian disaster trilogy.
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Google is celebrating 30 years of Pacman. You can play Pacman in the Google logo. That’s so cool man.
MAY 21
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Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellows
Congrats to my younger brother, Eric Rettberg, who has been awarded a Mellon fellowship to complete work on his dissertation on nonsense *really* “Ridiculous Modernism: Nonsense and New Literature, 1900-1950” at the University of Virginia.
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wishes both of my MA students, Martin Arvebro and Christina Malitius, the best of luck on their upcoming defenses tomorrow and next Wednesday. Regardless of the outcome, I’m proud of both of them for pulling together their digital culture theses and for having been engaged students in our program for these past two years. Lykke til!
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May 20, 2010 4:39pm
Jessie wishes her cousin Mason James a happy 2nd birthday.
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finally got notice from HERA that the official award letter for the ELMCIP grant is on its way, ending 6 months of back and forth negotiations. Looking forward to kicking off the project next month.
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Author as Replacement
Video of Michael Joyce’s recent lecture at the University of Bergen, Authorship as replacement. The video was produced by Daniel Apollon (Syndenthique).
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Some Oil From Spill Reaches Powerful Current – NYTimes.com
I find it fascinating that Kevin Costner funded research into oil/water separation technology in 1995, the year of his huge Hollywood bomb Waterworld, which will now be applied to the Gulf oil spill. What a strange footnote. Hope it works better than the movie.
MAY 19
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Looking forward to the film night with filmmaker Roderick Coover at USF Cinematek Bergen 1900 Friday night. The evening will include screenings of some of his short art films and his new documentary Canyonlands: Edward Abbey in the Great American Desert, and a Q/A with the director.
MAY 17
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Happy 17 Mai, Gratulerer med dagen! Today Norway celebrates its victory over Swedish and Danish oppression.
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“Mr. Wells said the ship had more than 2 million gallons of mud on board — far more than needed — to pump into the well . . . ” (I somehow suspect Mr. Wells is using a fake name, so I don’t entirely trust his story about mud).
MAY 16
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“BP: Mile-long tube starts sucking oil up to tanker as crews gain
first handle on Gulf leak” is an absurdly long headline possible only in the digital age of environmental devastation.
MAY 15
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Had a great Saturday hike with Rod and Jessie up on top of Ulriken.
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Said goodbye to the last snow I plan to see before November up in the mountains near Voss. Nothing but blomster from here on out.
MAY 12
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Headed off to Tyin, to Hilde and Atle’s place up high the snowy mountains, after Roderick Coovers research presentation today at 12:15 (room 400, HF),
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Had a great time at the UiB Digital Culture/Alliance Française event featuring Roderick Coover’s The Language of Wine followed by an extensive tasting of wines from Burgundy, with Rod providing commentary on each wine.
MAY 11
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I keep leaving the house in the morning with my spring jacket on, like a hopeful fool. Big chunky flakes descend upon me.
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Gratulerer med dagen!
MAY 10
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the overnight snow appears to have melted. What a wacky spring.
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Happy Mother’s Day to my wife Jill and all the other Moms out there who Mom well.

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Happy Mother’s Day, especially to my Mom.
Kyle Rettberg posted something via mobile.
Hey, what’s the name if that Spoon album you like?
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I got home from our great little getaway all ready to work, but what do you know, UiB has taken the email server down for the weekend. Why do they always do maintenance that involves service disruptions at the start and the end of the semester?
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Happy Birthday, Myriam!

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had a great day at the Copenhagen Zoo with Jessica.
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finished a draft of my Vagant piece on the weird web works of Jason Nelson, though I have a problem staying in the word limit.
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M/C Journal – M/C Journal
An issue of the media and culture journal on Ambience.
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Last DIKULT 105 class of the semester today! Then I finish my new Vagant article, print off a master’s thesis to read on the plane, pack, and head to the airport with Jessica Ann, who has been making airplane noises all week. Tivoli or bust (ash cloud, stay away).
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Mer aske fra Eyafjallajökull
Oh shit.
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Happy 2nd Birthday to Ryan Paul with love from his uncle, aunt and cousins in Norway. Give him hugs for us.
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The US embassy comes through — had an email at 9 sharp with confirmation that they got the passport in the mail last week — so everyone will be able to make it on our family getaway to Copenhagen.
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Gathering Paradise: Bill Murray Reads to Construction Workers at Poets House.mov
Bill Murray reads Emily Dickinson to construction workers at the construction site for Poet’s House in Manhattan. via EJ.
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shaved my beard for the summer.
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ugh. We just realized we never received Benjamin’s passport from the US embassy in Oslo, which complicates our getaway to Copenhagen this week. This might mean I’m alone with the girls in Copenhagen while Jill and Benjamin have to stay home, which sucks.
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BBC NEWS | Health | Sex ‘cuts public speaking stress’
I’m making a mental note. Get the babysitter and the real nice hotel room the next time I do a talk.

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