MLA Teaching Narrative Theory and SPEIL Archiving Electronic Literature and Poetry

I have chapters in a couple of books that have just recently been released. Jill Walker Rettberg and I coauthored the chapter “Narrative and Digital Media” in the MLA Volume Teaching Narrative Theory. The chapter takes readers through a semester of teaching narrative-based electronic literature works. The volume offers a broad sweep of approaches to integrating the teaching of narrative theory in literature classrooms, and is edited by Jim Phelan, Brian McHale, and David Herman. I also recently published a chapter “Editorial Process and the Idea of Genre in Electronic Literature in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1″ in the volume Archiving Electronic Literature and Poetry: Problems, Tendencies, Perspectives published by the German journal SPEIL edited by Florian Hartling and Beat Suter. The book, including articles in English and in German by a number of leading editors, publishers, authors and artists working in the field of electronic literature, is a valuable contribution to the discourse of the challenges of publishing, disseminating, and preserving works of electronic literature.
Teaching Narrative Theory
SPEIL Archiving Electronic Literature

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2 comments on “MLA Teaching Narrative Theory and SPEIL Archiving Electronic Literature and Poetry
  1. The Library says:

    The library at UoB has ordered the books. You can find them in Bibsys, and if you want, you can reserve them.

  2. scott says:

    Thanks for that!

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