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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 23:48:36
Subject: hi unkle BerTo
From: jefftrocks@netzero.com
To: berto_alto@tank20.com


dad say we can stay up late and do viedogamess and internet. I had a dance recital lst wek dad said I should sai I lik the internet my friend jacki has it on her mobilfon and we do instantmessenger. dad said you fell down and se are meiailing to sai hope you get better soon.

love Je s s i c A

Uncle Berto,

Thanks verymuch for the pictures hyhou sent me a copule monthsago they are awesome espeically the swordfites and dragns. Dad sid you fell down and hurt your ankle and that totally sucks I bet that hurts and hope you're feeling better soon. I'm in baseball now and its toatlly awesome. I'm not really good yet bet I'm trying. Where did you learn how to draw thats totly awesome how you do that I have a friend who can draw ted he dwrs great pictures of demons and things totly gorhy stuff. Do you still do Karate.?

Uncle Berto I want to learn some moves and stuff I'm not very big and the fifthgreders suck.

And dad said wer'e goin to Chicago later in the summer and stuff and I hear Wrigley Field is really cool and dad we'd get tickets and stuff when we come see you Sammysoso rocks! even tho the cubs make the dodgers look good they suck so bad so anyways I've got a new viedo game called grand theft autho that I borrowed from a friend for the playstation2 and its awesome I'm gonna play cause wen mom and dad aargue when he comes home and then she goes to work at the diner jessie and I can satay up late as much as we want its awesom. it cant wait to see you in Chicagop I hear the ESars Tiower is AWESOME!!!jeff