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Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 00:11:32
Subject: Little Red Corvette
From: ernestonotcom@netzero.com
To: berto_alto@tank20.com


This afternoon I sold the LITTLE RED CORVETTE. '96 model, sitting on the lot for months, for as long as I've been working there, since the STONE AGE.

Which put me OVER QUOTA. Which should put me Jessie Jeffie and HOPEFULLY Darlene in Chicago around about August 1st. Which should me that you me and the kids will go see the Rockies beat the Cubs at Wrigley on AUGUST 2nd.

ASSUMING that is that you're no longer INSTITUTIONALIZED at that time. OR at least that they will LET YOU OUT for an afternoon.

Docs say you're TALKING now, which is good.

But Docs say you're not talking TO THEM, which is bad.

Your Doc, you should know this, called my Doc, who cross-referenced my HISTORY with your HISTORY and furthermore with "dad"s HISTORY.

My guess is with me CLINICALLY DEPRESSED and "dad" DIAGNOSED SCHIZOPHRENIC the Docs are trying to place you somewhere in between.

Docs say that you're SPEAKING only THROUGH a man name Pedro, who you call SANCHO.

Which makes me remember the times that "dad" would read to us from DON QUIXOTE and worry that that somehow FUCKED US UP. And that somehow you're retreating into this.

Docs say that they're OBSERVIJNG this for the time being, but will probably PUT A STOP TO IT SOON because it's interfering with their TREATMENT of Pedro, who has problems of his own, Berto. That guy EATS HUMAN FLESH.

Just kidding. He's just a guiltridden transvestite who can't cope with the voices he's picking up on some other frequency.

COME ON, you're in the middle, you've always been more STABLE than your SISTER or for that matter ME and IT'S SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF ME that you aren't responding to email. you never do that.

ANYWAY we are coming out there start of August. I BOOKED THE TICKETS which pissed off Darlene. She doesn't understand the URGENCY of this. Though she loves you you know that. BUT FUCK IT BERTO.

You're going to snap out of this.

We'll dine on roasted PIG LIPS AND ASSHOLES slathered in mustard. abnd drink OLD STYLE IN THE SUN until our skins are pink and we'll laugh about our schedules of medications.

Jeff is looking forward.

DO DON't do the don quixote routine if that's what you're doing.

the man had us CHASING WINDMILLS for most of our natural lives.


Wicked dry heat N THE DESERT 2night.


Little Red Corvette.