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Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:27:41
Subject: Corporate MOTHERFUCKERs
From: ernestonotcom@netzero.com
To: berto_alto@tank20.com


All the NEWS lately about the CORPORATE MOTHERFUCKERS has got me THINKING about what a JOKE the American economy has been for the last DECADE.

After my WORLD DISINTEGRATED when uknow.com went bust, a HUGE CHIP on my SHOULDER went flying off. I used to think I was HOT SHIT, UNTOUCHABLE, a NEW ECONOMY WUNDERKIND. But in the end, after my LITTLE BREAKDOWN, I came to realize that I was just SOME SCHMUCK swimming in the river, just like THE REST OF US. And IF THE RIVER WAS WHISKEY I would be diving down.

AND toDAY? I measure my existence, my welfare and that of my FAMILY, car by car. THE '94 MAZDA MIATA I moved this morning and the '98 LINCOLN TOWN CAR I hope to move before lunch. Could I HAVE A BETTER JOB? I think I could, I mean I'm CAPABLE of MUCH BETTER THINGS. But will I leave this job to WANDER THE WILDERNESS OF THE FUTURE AND ITS POTENTIALITIES? I don't think so, not just nowow.

AND THAT FUCKWAD Bush giving Wall Street his little lecture on CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY failing to mention that during his CEO days he was doing the SAME FUCKING THINGS as your Enron Worldcom Tyco Martha Stewart type CROOKS are doing now. The FOX is GUARDING THE HENHOUSE, so we can all REST ASSURED.

Some say that IRONY BECAME A THING OF THE PAST on 9/11. I think that's BULLSHIT. IF IRONY HAS LEFT THE SCENE, it happened back around the TIME OF THE ELECTION, when that TEXAS YALIE and his goons on the SUPREME COURT managed to steal what they COULDN'T WIN. What is the point of IRONY when you have that kind of TWIST sitting in the OVAL OFFICE telling us about CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY?! The IRONY IS ON THE SURFACE NOW.


Doc's say you're reading this, so I don't feel like I'M HOWLING DOWN A TUNNEL WITH NO ONE ON THE OTHER END, but still, I could use you now, Berto.

I think that Darlene might be having an affair. I HAVE NO EVIDENCE but I noticed a CHANGE IN THE WAY SHE SMELLS. And I LOVE THAT WOMAN more than life itself, I DON'T KNOW what I would do if it were true. And then I think SHIT THIS IS JUST ANOTHER SIGN OF MY PARANOIA and that MAYBE MY PROBLEMS go deeper than SIMPLE CLINICAL DEPRESSION. Maybe whatever BUG YOU GOT I GOT TOO. So I'm not going to SEEK OUT EVIDENCE, instead I'm going to BUY HER SOME FLOWERS tonight after work and hope that my equiLIBRIUM holds.

But anyway, when the news is talking about corporate responsibility, I think about how they don't mention that MY LITTLE BROTHER GOT ENRONIZED into the PSYCH WARD and I GET ANGRY.