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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 12:18:00
Subject: Marketing Executive, 42, Brutally Slain
From: juilob@slotkin.com
To: skipvskip@hotmail.com

Skip --

Have you seen this? I know that we didn't all leave OGVB on the best of terms with Regine DuBois, but still this comes as a sad and horrible shock. I haven't heard anything about the funeral arrangements yet, but will drop you a line when I do. I hope that you're doing okay, anyway thought I should let you know. Life is precious.


* * * * * * Chicago Tribune

July 15, 2002

Marketing Executive, 42, Brutally Slain in Lake Point Tower Apt.

STREETERVILLE-- Regine DuBois, a 42-year-old marketing executive, was found dead by her maid at 9 PM last night, Chicago Police said in a statement issued early this morning. Police said that Ms. Dubois was pronounced dead at the scene, her throat slashed.

Even minor property crimes are rare at this exclusive lakefront property known for its tight security, so this grisly slaying comes a shock to the residents of its upscale condominiums and apartments.

Henrietta Culvalo, Ms. DuBois' maid, found Ms. Dubois laying facedown in a pool of blood, a glass of wine in her hand. Mrs. Culvalo attempted to rouse Ms. DuBois, and on turning her over, discovered that her throat had been cut.

A neighbor who asked that her name not be printed reported that Ms. DuBois was "friendly but quiet -- she kept to herself." Neighbors report that Ms. DuBois lived alone but often had visitors.

At this hour police are reviewing security tapes and plan to interview Ms. DuBois' friends and associates in coming days.

"We suspect that the killer may have been someone she knew," Detective Harold Barstow told our reporter. "You don't just walk into Lake Point Tower. There's a doorman, there's tight security, especially after 9/11. Also, as far as we can tell, there was nothing stolen from the apartment, and few signs of a struggle. She didn't know what was coming. This was an inside job."

Ms. DuBois, 42, was recently hired on as VP of Marketing at BBKVD, where she was in charge of marketing for the Camel Lights brand. She had spent the previous 15 years at OGVB marketing, handling most recently the Enron account. "She was one tough cookie," Tribune Marketing reporter George Lazar commented, "and she'll be missed by people throughout the industry."