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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:53:27
Subject: Little Help
From: jdinsmore@cullanandcallahan.com
To: simonsaysthis@omphalos.com


Writing this from my lawyer's machine, his head is turned, he's cleaning his nails. Long story don't have time to go into details but I spent the night sleepless in a holding cell with a bunch of gangbangers. I have black eye but kept my watch. Word of hardearned advice: don't wear lycra if you think there's a chance you might be spending the night in jail.

Cops located some substance in my place, which is bad. My lawyer thinks they don't have enough to make it stick because the language of the warrant was such that they should have been looking for other things which is good and they didn't find everything they could have which could have had me in far deeper shit than I'm already in which is good. Furthermore I have a key stashed in the fake brick next to the welcome mat, which is also good. Lawyer thinks they'll try to come back with a more specific warrant (the narcs as opposed to the homicide squad, who will be looking for different things and in all likelihood know better where to look -- long story, tell you soon) and serve me with that the minute I get out of here which should be tomorrow after my arraignment which is bad, very bad.

So I'm in need of kind of a favor.


Anyway, what I'm hoping Simon and this is not without risk Simon but will be made worth your while should you be able to do this, is that you can get that key and get in my apartment (in all likelihood they aren't casing it now since I'm in here but run if you see cops) and retrieve the King James Bible from the second shelf (next to Gravity's Rainbow) and take the word of God and get it the hell out of my apartment and maybe put it in a locker somewhere, somewhere safe I wouldn't put it in your apartment though because they've been reading my email and you never know. Feel free to lick what you want from the Book of Acts.

I wouldn't be asking you but I don't know who else to turn to.

I will owe you a huge favor, and I'll be your friend for life.

Anyway, time's almost up. I'm going to hit send now, then delete, and the message will go through the wireless connection of my lawyer's cellphone and bounce off of many other machines and then hit yours and that's that.

Please please please be home and do me this favor,