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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 14:31:04
Subject: Out of Jail, See You at Wake
From: skipvskip@hotmail.com
To: susannenbreone@aol.com


Due to the results of the sneaky-assed jackbooted thugs' search of my apartment that of course turned up nothing related to Regine but unfortunately did locate some contraband (long story) (though my lawyer thinks unconstitutionally) followed by about 38 or so hours in jail followed by another search of my apartment by another squad of sardonic men in blue which then turned up absolutely nothing but which has left my place, and my life, in a shambles. I am just now settling in, some $2,000 worth of bailbond shorter, needing to craft an appropriate response to many phone messages in order to explain my absence to my employer, and well just dirty (having just now peeled off the biking shorts I put on two days ago). I'll shower, nap, and then join you at the Wake. About 7ish if that works for you.

I feel wounded and in need of your touch,