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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:36:38
Subject: kujnfoo fiting
From: jefftrocks@netzero.com
To: berto_alto@tank20.com

Unclke BERTO,

Im looking frowared to seeing you specaille since the CUBS don't suck as much as they  sdid with DON BALYOR as manager. The new guy seems tobe doing good so I think theyll kickbutt thye are like 5 out of 6 lately and Ithink they will bert the ROCKIES, they will ROCK THE RIOCKES. Dad got tickets alread y and jessica and i  can't wait.

also I understand yyou hafvnt writtn back. Dad says your comput er is messed up so that you can reed emails but notwrite them. but I hop;e you canstaill tech me karate or kunfoo because the firthgreders are still beetn meup they called my mom a niggerfucker today and I punched one of themand dad cant cgive me good advice on fiting.so I''l have a blsack eye beacuse of thre reacists skinheeds eho esay stiff about my MOM and i want to learn how to fite gbetter.

hope you';ll help me. dad has bin deistractexd lately butr i think u know how to fite biettr anyways like crouching tiger hidden draong an will tech tme.