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Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 03:03:33
Subject: reconnect
From: junkin2art@well.com
To: ednaandclaudedubois@hotmail.com


I wish we that had remet under better circumstances but I am so glad that I came in for Regine's funeral and that you and I had some time to talk alone. Time is the most precious thing. What else do we have?

As to Regine's surprising decision to leave me with half of her estate, I can't describe how moved I am and how sorry I am that Regine and I did not have more time.

And also I want to say that I'm shocked by the Chicago police, I thought they were callous and insensitive and I am disappointed that they have made no real progress in the investigation.

That cop in the cheap blue blazer seemed to have no eyes for anyone but Regine's ex-girlfriends and I noticed that he hit the bar pretty hard after the funeral. Is that appropriate?

I hope that they find the killer and nail him to the wall.

As for Dad, we talked briefly and I was sad to see that in the last four years his health has degenerated so much.

You know that I've always been your son and have never forgotten my mother's love.

Help Aunt Edna hang in, and I'm sorry it's so darn hot and sticky in Chicago.