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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:10:01
Subject: My Next Sculpture
From: junkin2art@well.com
To: tbonecrnch@baysbestsalvage.com, mellissa_hathaway@insculpt.com

Dear Tommy and Melissa,

I am back from my trip to Chicago, where we bid farewell to my cousin Regine who was so brutally murdered. Her death and the murder of that poor child in Orange County are weighing heavily on my mind and so will be the subject of my next sculpture, which is dedicated to lost souls torn from the earth by monstrous forces beyond our control.


I will need an old construction crane, a very large one. I will need the wings of an old propeller plane. I will need all the paint stripped from both of them, stripped down to the naked steel, stripped down to the bare aluminum. I will need the barrels of two old tanks. I will need also two light poles, the all-aluminum kind, no wood, in working order, bulbs intact. I will also need information on how perpetual flames, such as the one at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, work. The angel must spit fire. I will also need a wide variety of day-glo paints in shades of blue. We'll need to assemble a team of welders, the best you can find.


I will front the money for the materials. This is a gift from my cousin Regine. But knowing Regine, I'm sure that she would want me to put her gift to more practical use, such as health insurance, rents, etc. So I am counting on you to find me a commission, perhaps a public works commission, or something in a very large sculpture park, such as the Walker garden in Minneapolis, for my next sculpture, which I am tentatively entitling "The Blue Angel Descends From Heaven With Grace to Gather and Avenge Lost Souls." It will require a large open space.