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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:50:51
Subject: Feds
From: det_harold_barstow@chicagopolice.org
To: det_thomas_johnson@chicagopolice.org, det_richard_longfellow@chicagopolice.org

Dick, Tom,

I talked with Patrick Daly, Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the FBI field office in Chicago. He told me that the FBI had no reason to be interested in the case unless we gave them reason to be interested in the case, that they were treating local homicides as local matters in general. I guess they're pretty tied up with Homeland security, rooting out terrorists and tracking down banking records, etc.

I told him that that surprised us because you saw Sue Miller there and had recognized her from the Regina DeFrancisco case. He transferred me to Sue, who it turns out had attended the funeral for personal reasons: get this -- she lives on the same floor in Lake Point Tower as did Regine. She said she borrowed the occasional cup of sugar, etc. So that's why you saw feds.

It kind of irritates me that Sue Miller can pull down the kind of dough that she can live in Lake Point Tower when a career Chicago Police Detective has trouble making the mortgage on a bungalow in Berwyn but what can you do?